About Us

KIKAXDESIGN is a company with ten year long tradition in production of wooden boxes and as such is the only specialized company for production of wooden boxes in Croatia and the region.

We are completely devoted to making of top quality wooden boxes in which your products will be well presented and which will give them additional value.

We are a family company, very flexible and easily adaptable to all needs of our buyers – from special orders in small series to fast delivery of large amounts of ordered products. Furthermore, in our permanent stock we always have an assortment of our best-selling products that can be immediately delivered. Besides, we offer development of a prototype of a box for your product, sample production and putting it into serial production.

Special attention is payed to high quality of our boxes, some of which have a large amount of handycraft of our workers put into their production, therefore they could almost be qualified as unique products. We take pride in our quality 'zinc' compound in the corpus of our boxes which guarantees our boxes stability, strength and durability. In addition, we use exclusively the quality chromed metal fittings, protected from corrosion, which are mounted with screwes instead of nails, thus avoiding loosening of the lid, not even after thousands of openings and closings of the box. Our boxes are made from the wood originating in Croatian forrests, therefore we can say our products are completely “Made in Croatia“.

Boxes and other wooden products are produced in our own modern hall of 120 square meters, with a rounded line of production including the finall processing with laser CO2 cutter that can cut massive wood of up to 10 mm or plywood of 4 mm, for maximum dimensions of a product of 90 x 60 cm, and CNC 3D cutter of working surface 80 x 70 cm, as well as with the newest UV printer of A2 format.

Our products are delivered by Overseas express to your home address in case of smaller packages, while the large amounts are packed in pallets.

Long-term business cooperation with some of the most renowned companies in Croatia and abroad is a proof of the quality of our services and products.

Why the wooden boxes?

After years of production, wooden boxes have become our obsession. We wake up thinking of them, spend our days making them and go to sleep with ideas of new designs.

Ever since ancient times, wooden boxes or chests were used for keeping valuable objects, jewelry, secrets ... A box itself has become a symbol of protecting something valuable and that is why it is so great to go back to some old times, holding in your hands part of the past in modern times.

Join us on our journey!

General information

Company for production of souvenirs "Kikaxdesign"
Owner Kristijan Jambrošić

Headquarters, facilities, office and warehouse:
Brezje 45, Brezje, 40311 Lopatinec
(D227 Čakovec-Štrigova, next to the turn for Slakovec)

E-mail:  kikaxdesign@gmail.com

Company Number: 01990081486

IBAN : HR 1923400091166032425

Our web pages are available at the following address www.drvene-kutije.com

Terms of Business

Retail customers have the right of compain via email at the following email address: kikaxdesign@gmail.com.

Smaller packages of products are sent via Overseas Express at the cost of a buyer, while the delivery time is approximately given. Manner of delivery of larger amounts of products is agreed upon directly with the buyer.

All prices listed in the wholesale price list are related to products in stock for the parity FCO Skladište Brezje 45, Brezje, 40311 Lopatinec.

All other terms and conditions are subsequently agreed upon between the buyer and manufacturer.

Photographs of our products sometimes do not correspond completely to the serial produced copies of products due to differences in dimensions and colors of certain products.

Dimensions of products can vary in length and width in about 1% and 2% in height in relation to products ordered and listed in offers.